HGH & FMS Experiment

Where Human Growth Hormone Meets Fibromyalgia


Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

Okay…my growth hormone levels came back as normal, so I won’t be increasing my HGH dose. My inability to lose weight is more likely tied to a sputtering thyroid.

The thing is, other than symptoms that really are hypothyroid-like (always cold, dry skin, brittle nails, stubborn body fat) I feel terrific. I have some pain, but it’s not like FMS pain–I don’t know how to explain it any differently. It’s low-level pain, nothing I’ve worried over. Nothing to remotely suggest I need to worry about an FMS flare up. My energy levels are still up there, and my endurance is as good as ever.

But…I haven’t really worked out since before Christmas. Still, I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays, and I’m down 13 pounds since this time last year. That’s not much considering the levels of activity I’ve had, but it’s something.


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