HGH & FMS Experiment

Where Human Growth Hormone Meets Fibromyalgia


Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

Ok…I think it’s time for me to admit this blog just isn’t going anywhere. For the longest time I had nothing to blog other than “well, I still feel great, the HGH is obviously working…”

And on the FMS front, it still is.


I am in pain. Lots of pain. It wrapped itself around my lower back and crept into my right hip, and didn’t let go. After x-rays and an MRI and lots of bloodwork, it’s been determined that I have a wonderful case of arthritis in my back and hip.

So until I get that under control, I doubt I’ll be blogging about the wonders of HGH. I’m leaving the blog up and the archives available for anyone new surfing in hoping for info on FMS and HGH…it really did do wonders for me. I’m still taking it and won’t quit until I’m told to (I don’t know if it will accelerate the spread of arthritis; I do know that if one has an actively frowing tumor or cancer, HGH treatment is stopped because it can cause rapidly growth of abnormal cells…)

See ya later.
Take care.
My other blog is still Thumper Thinks Out Loud. You’re more than welcome to read me whine over there…


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