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Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

The Spouse Thingy had last week off, and we kept ourselves fairly busy. We hit the gym quite a bit, went fishing a couple of times, bowling a couple of times, and lots of running around in general. I was able to keep up this time, and wasn’t ready to drop from exhaustion by day 3.

I am willing to attribute being able to physically manage all the things we did to the HGH this time. I’ve been on it long enough and remember how I felt the last time he had a week off and we tried to keep a good pace going; it’s a 180 degree turnaround. Before I would have had to make choices: go to the gym orgo fishing. Go bowling or run errands.

We bowled yesterday, and I realized halfway through the first game that I was slinging the ball with more ease than I have in years. I roll a 16 pound ball; ten years ago that was a moderate weight, but in the last couple of years it bothered me and I was seriously considering dropping to a light 15 or a 14, but if this keeps up I’m going to have to re-tool my game to gain control of the ball before I start overthrowing it.

That’s not a complaint… it’s all good.


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