HGH & FMS Experiment

Where Human Growth Hormone Meets Fibromyalgia


Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

Something pretty cool… I got a call yesterday from someone at The Bridge Program; they help people who need to go on HGH deal with their insurance companies (because, as most of us know, just because a doc prescribes it, that doesn’t mean insurance will cover it.) My scrip is covered, but they were able to hook me up with a nifty little device that will make it easier for me to mix the drug (which comes in this funky 2-chambered cartridge), and to eliminate air in the syringe. I talked to the rep yesterday around 11 a.m., and around 1 p.m. today a Fed Ex truck pulled up, and delivered the mixer, plus this nice little cold pack carrier in case I go somewhere overnight (gotta keep it cold), as well as a seriously nice all-purpose bag with lotsa pockets. Free stuff. Gotta love it.

My endurance is holding up nicely, and my overall pain is still down. I’m hitting the pool at least 3 times a week, usually more, and doing weights a couple times a week. I feel stronger—I’m not shrinking yet, but as I gain muscle that’s got to follow. Right?

Nutrition-wise… I’m not doing as well with that as I should, but for the most part I’m doing better than I used to. I’m not skipping meals (well, generally; I still tend to forget about breakfast some days) and I’m not pigging out. This last week I’ve eaten out more than normal (hey, this really cool Japanese Teriyaki place opened at the mall; I’ll get tired of it soon; until then I’m indulging and then not eating much for the rest of the day); other than this week I’ve kept it to a decent breakfast (whole grain toast, or oatmeal bars), a sandwich for lunch (made with a multi-grain bread and lean meats; no cheese, no chips), and then some kind of lean meat with a veggie and starch for dinner.

The problem I see with my nutrition, because I am Insulin Resistant, is carbs. I know I take in way too many high glycemic carbs. I’m toying with a low carb diet; I’ve been staunchly against law carb diets in the past—because I do know someone who died as the direct result of being on one—but everything I’ve read points to making that type of change for insulin resistant people. I’ve had more than one physician mention it as a viable option. So I’m thinking about it—but so far just thinking, and doing a little more research.

I don’t think I could make an Atkin’s Type Program a permanent lifestyle thing, but if it’ll take off some major body fat and lower my risks for Diabetes Mellitus and cardiac problems, I could do it for a while.

I think.


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