HGH & FMS Experiment

Where Human Growth Hormone Meets Fibromyalgia


Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

If stress can set off an FMS flare, and if my FMS is truly not under control, then I’m going to have one hell of a flare-up soon. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow aching from head to toe. It might not be FMS; it might just be a broken heart.

Our sweet, goofy Golden Retriever, Hank, died today. It was expected, yet not. He was only twelve and a half years old; old for a big dog, but not old enough for us to be fully ready for it.

I still plan on hitting the pool tomorrow and swimming, but we’ll see how far I get. Between a shoulder that’s giving me hell (not FMS related, more old martial-arts injuries related) and losing him, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit 100 laps.

Real life sucks sometimes.


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