HGH & FMS Experiment

Where Human Growth Hormone Meets Fibromyalgia


Posted by Thumper on February 3, 2007

Definite signs that, after a year, the HGH may be doing it’s thing…

I’ve sputtered and restarted exercise programs over the last year, but in the last few weeks have caught fire, so to speak. It started with adding walking 3 days a week with some friends (and surprisingly, at a lose-your-breath pace, when I figured it would be a nice stroll with their kids.) A couple of weeks later I added a Boot Camp Aerobics class to the mix, and a week or so after that Cardio Kickboxing.

So, basically, right now I’m doing the Boot Camp Aerobics 2 days a week, Kickboxing 2 days a week, walking on the 5th day, with some swimming thrown in there when I have the time and energy (and more often I actually do have the energy.) My goal now is to build up enough endurance that I can ride my bike to the Y (the spiffy recumbent I got last year) for the Boot Camp classes, and then survive the ride home.

The Boot Camp class is interval training: a combination of cardio and strength training, and the cardio kickboxing class is pretty self explanatory, I think. Kind of like Tae Bo.

Now, I have not lost weight–that could be the Magical Sputtering Thyroid at work, but I’m definitely getting stronger and my endurance is increasing. When doing some wall-sitting the other day I grabbed my thigh and realized that under the body fat there is muscle there. I figure if I put the muscle on, the body fat will take care of itself (but, yeah, I need to get with my doc to address the thyrpoid issues.)

In terms of pain…I had 3 days with back pain that resulted from, of all things, a sneeze. But instead of being out of commission for 3 weeks, it was only 3 days. Otherwise, my pain levels are very low and tolerable; low enough that if I have something else to distract me, I don’t even think about it.


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