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This One Is Long…So Very Long…

Posted by Thumper on February 4, 2007

After the last post in this blog’s other incarnation, I bumbled along happily, injecting myself every night, feeling pretty good most of the time, a little achy once in a while, but it was never more than the average person in their mid-40s probably feels.

Then on October 17, 2005 I was slammed with some excruciating abdominal pain. It lasted about 5 hours, but no, I didn’t go to the ER. I was home alone and for whatever reason–fear, denial–I curled up in bed and wished it away. When I wasn’t dead the next day and the pain was gone, I went on with my happy life.

December 17, 2005…same thing. Home alone, the middle of the night, this abrupt pain on my upper-middle right; I sat in bed and rocked back and forth for 4 hours. When the Boy came home, I briefly considered having him take me in, but it was easing up, so I didn’t.

December 21, 2005. This time the Spouse Thingy was home, but asleep. I was in another room, awake, when the pain practically nailed me to the floor. I considered trying to gut it out (pun intended) but it was worse than ever. But I was torn; the Spouse Thingy had only gotten about 3 hours sleep the night before, when I had to wake him with a loud “Get up, we have to go to Sacramento; your Dad had a heart attack.” He was exhausted and stressed and didn’t need this, but I was pretty certain this time that I was going to die.

We left the ER at 5 a.m. “Biliary spasms,” the tired doctor on call decided, after a benign chest x-ray. “Go see your primary care provider within 72 hours, and I will put in a consult for an abdominal ultrasound. No greasy foods.”

Gall bladder. Yippee.

But the ultrasound showed a normal gall bladder. Normal everything; kidney, pancreas, liver.

Through a series of mis-steps, I didn’t see my primary physician for over a month; and two days before the appointment, I was back in the ER. This time it had woken me up; the Spouse Thingy was not home, but the Boy was. He drove me out and sat there while I writhed in pain, wondering why morphine was having no effect. As luck would have it, the same nurse was there as had been the time before, and he remembered me. He took very good care, even gave me a second dose of morphine. After 5 hours, when the pain was really no better, he realized I was giving off a series of tiny little belches.

He went to talk to the doc, and then came back with a Maalox cocktail: Maalox, lidocaine, and an anti-spasmotic.

Less than five minutes later I felt fine. “Probably an ulcer,” the doc declared. “Go see your primary care provider…” yadda yadda yadda.

Two days laterI finally saw her; it was the first time I’d ever seen my “regular” doc, and she disagreed with the diagnosis. I had no other symptoms of an ulcer, other than the Maalox cocktail had worked. So she ordered a Hida scan, which would measure the function of my gall bladder. She suspected that was it; so I went durifully and had myself injected with a radioactive tracer, and let them see how well my gall bladder was working. And I wondered when they’d be taking it out.

It was normal. So maybe–and the doc stressed maybe–it was an ulcer after all. Bt instead of testing for H. Pylorri, the most common cause of ulcers, and instead of getting an upper GI series or endoscopy, she out me on Prilosec and told me to come back if that didn’t work.

I don’t blame her, exactly…the base hopsital here is extremely short staffed and so are the levels of patience and enery.

Still…I was not happy. And I was afraid it was going to happen again, and that there might be something omnious growing in my gut where the ultrasound could not see.

I was told early on that in the suspicion of tumors or cancer, to stop taking the HGH, on the chance it would make it grow faster. So I stopped taking it. I intended to get in touch with my endocrinologist, but for whatever reason, I didn’t.

The Prilosec seemed to do the trick; I went months without anotehr attack, but there was that fear in the back of my head. So I saw a civilian doctor, who immediately sent me for an endoscopy. He also drew blood to test for H. Pylorri, and that came back negative. The gastrointerologist found several polyps in my stomach, but no signs of an ulcer. There could have been one, but healed under the use of the Prilosec. He removed 7 polyps and sent them to pathology, so I had to wait for the results.

By the time they find stomach and espohogial cancer, I was told, it’s often too late. That was a nice little tidbit to go home with. But everything looked normal…but it was probably a good thing I’d stopped taking the HGH.

During those months off the HGH my I gained weight, my appetite exploded, and my pain levels slowly crept up. My energy went down. My father in law died soon after the endoscopy; the stress of that added to the pain, and most days I felt as if every muscle in my body was on fire. The day before his funeral I got the results back: perfectly normal. Just keep taking the Prilosec.

That was in August. It took some time for the emotional pain to abate enough for my head to remind me I needed to see my endocrinologist, and get back on the HGH.

That was in October. Within a month, the aches and pains were easing up, and I was finding some reserves of energy. A year out from the onset of those attacks, I was back on the juice, and feeling much better.

I’ve been back on it for 3 months now, and the only pain I’m feeling now is from having resumed working out.

But there ya go. A very long synopsis of Thumper Stopped Taking HGH.

I don’t think I’ll do that again..


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Originally Posted On…

Posted by Thumper on February 1, 2007



I had my first injection last night. And dangit, I didn’t wake up with bulging muscles and a gorgeous bod. This may take more time than I thought 😉


Thar She Blows…

All right, I’m keeping track of my weight (phfft no, I’m not telling!) and have taken my measurements. I even bought a spiffy Day Planner so I can keep track of what I’m doing and when, including all the medications I take.

Using the growth hormone isn’t half bad. It’s given with a low-dose insulin needle, so it’s pretty much painless—a very tiny prick. Spouse Thingy talked me through the first injection and watched the second; I think I can handle it from here on out.

I’m also getting back into the workout routine. I’d intended to hit the weights today, but woke up with a raging backache (big surprise, eh?) so I hit the pool instead and did about an hour of water walking. Working out in the water helped my back ease up some and I was able to get up to a near run for a good 30 minutes.

Considering I can’t run a city block on dry land, that wasn’t too shabby.


I’m going to assume it’s water weight, but I was down 4 pounds this morning. My ego would like to believe it’s all body fat, but realistically, 4 pounds in 2 days is most likely to be largely due to water loss.

Normally I can be fairly sure about that; when my weight is down several pounds I can usually track it to my DDAVP wearing off early the night before, which causes my kidneys to have a free for all until I remedicate, but it hasn’t really worn off early the last few days.

I hit the pool again today and walked/jogged for an hour. So far I really haven’t made any huge dietary changes. I eat fairly well, but I do have this thing about starting my day with a couple of Pop Tarts. I keep telling myself I’ll switch over to oatmeal, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I did buy the oatmeal. That’s a start 🙂

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Original Post Date: 3/31/2003

Posted by Thumper on January 30, 2007

The Background Info

January 1997, while driving down Highway 2 in Grand Forks, ND, our truck hit a spot of black ice. After fish-tailing and completing a 360 degree spin, it headed to the side of the road, where the wheels caught on ice, and then flipped over. We landed upside down, the windshield mere centimeters from our noses, but we were able to get out through the passenger door, and we thought, unhurt.

My life thereafter was never the same. Pain settled in and became a part of who I am. Most of the details can be found here, if you’re interested. The long story short version: the accident was the trigger my body needed to show symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

I’ve tried various things to deal with the pain, mostly differing exercise routines and nutrition changes. I gave up practicing a martial art—something I loved—because I simply could no longer handle the problems of pain and a fairly difficult training routine. I could still handle weight training, yet made no gains in terms of lean muscle mass and strength. Aquatic exercise proved to be easiest and most enjoyable, but I made no progress with my overall endurance. Nor did I manage to lose body fat. Instead, over the years, no matter what I did or didn’t do, I gained a considerable amount of weight. A very unhealthy amount of weight.

Then Comes The Tumor…

Then, in May of 2002, I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. It was removed on June 26, 2002 at UCD Davis Medical Center in Sacramento by Dr. Joseph Watson (the dude rawks—he’s an incredibly talented neurosurgeon.) The tumor left me in early menopause (which will be corrected by replacing those hormones with birth control pills) and diabetes insipidus, which is managed with a daily dose of DDAVP.

…and then the Questions about HGH

In November 2002 I saw a new endocrinologist (new because we moved) who wanted to draw new labs, and along with that drew blood to check my levels of growth hormone; he was fairly sure it would be low. And he was right. Recently I saw yet another endocrinologist (the other one was deployed to We Don’t Know Where.) He repeated the labs, including growth hormone levels, which came back even lower than before.

So we (we being my husband, affectionately known as the Spouse Thingy) asked about it. Can it be replaced? Should it be replaced? Because of the expense of HGH replacement therapy, there was one more test he had to run, to justify putting me on it, if that’s what I wanted.

I decided to do a little research. Most interesting to me was a study on Fibromyalgia and Growth Hormone, that seemed to have incredible success. I found another study, which was virtually identical, but with a larger test group done over a longer period of time, and it backed up the results of the first: women given growth hormone experienced measurable relief from FMS symptoms.

This lead to many questions: was my lack of growth hormone from FMS or the tumor? No one will ever know for sure. Would replacing the hormone do me any good in terms of FMS? Could it help me gain lean muscle mass, thereby allowing me to lose body fat? Can it help me get my life back?

I did the additional testing, an insulin stress test (basically, injecting me with insulin to drive my blood sugar down; this puts the brain under stress, and when under stress it signals the release of growth hormone. If my pituitary were making any, this is when it would work), which came back as still abnormal. On a scale of 0-10, mine measured and “less than 0.1” throughout the test. This was enough to justify the expense of putting me on it.

So… starting tonight I begin taking Somatotropin. I’ll also take my measurements, and first thing tomorrow morning I’ll weigh myself, and start keeping a food and exercise diary.

Hopefully over the next few months there will be improvements in pain, fitness, and body fat. If not—it’s worth a try, no matter what.

If you follow along, there is a commenting system activated, so that you can leave your thoughts, and poke me along if it looks like I’m slacking off.

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Return Of The HGH & FMS Blog…

Posted by Thumper on January 28, 2007

Back in late April of 2003, I began a blog to chronical my use of Human Growth Hormone to combat the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Early on, it garnered a spot on Blogger’s “Blogs Of Note” and I made an effort to keep up with the traffic, but somewhere along the way I stumbled, and stopped writing about my love affair with Human Growth Hormone.

I left the blog there, gathering cobwebs and dust; when Blogger decided to migrate to new servers, most of the archives vanished. I kept them, and decided to recreate the blog, but this time I don’t intend t let it become a blogging wasteland. I kept up with the HGH shots, except for a 6 month period last year, and there’s s till a bit to talk about…

I’m now at the 10 year mark in dealing with FMS, and have been using HGH for almost 4 years. It’s been…fun.

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